Effectiveness of Yacon Syrup for weight Loss

Yacon syrup vs placebo weight loss

Yacon syrup refers to a thick, molasses like substance that can be utilized as a diet supplement and a natural low-calorie sweetener. The plant grows in Andes Mountain in South America. It is from the roots of this plant that the syrup is extracted. The syrup is rich in fiber and fructo-oligosaccharide which are non-digestible carbohydrates which serves as food for the normal gut bacteria. Yacon has been utilized as a weight supplement due to its proven effect in suppression of appetite, regulating blood-glucose levels and enhancing metabolism. This syrup is not new in the market because it has been used as a diet in South America for several generations.

A lot of individuals from the scientific world concur with the effectiveness of Yacon syrup in reducing weight. The syrup recently featured on Dr Oz show where a study was done to ascertain effectiveness of the syrup, check results on www.yaconsyruphealthbenefits.com. The results showed that 70 percent of the women who took part in the study lost weight and 14 of the participants lost more than 5 pounds.

This syrup exerts its effects through the following ways;

Appetite suppression

Significant appetite suppression is often felt when Yacon syrup is taken. Naturally, people tend to eat less food when appetite is suppressed and this makes the body turn to stored fat and metabolize them to produce energy. The overall effect of suppression of appetite is shedding of the unwanted fats in the body.

Enhanced rate of metabolism

When Yacon syrup is taken, an enhanced rate of metabolism is often experienced. The body usually metabolizes double the amount of calories from carbohydrates and fat as before. With both enhanced rate of metabolism and appetite suppression, drastic weight loss is often achieved within a short time.

System reconditioning

The fact that this syrup has natural ingredients only, it can be taken even on a daily basis without side effects. As a matter of fact, some individuals utilize it simply as a “sweetener” on a daily basis. It is capable of rebooting an individual’s system and elevating digestion processes and consequently adjusting to an individual’s unique metabolic process. After some weeks of consuming the syrup, the body returns to its normal state of nutrients absorption and ridding itself of the excess fats. This conspicuously results in reduction of weight.

Out of all these, an individual will obtain desired body mass and avoid gaining unnecessary weight. It is these proven methods of weight reduction which makes Yacon syrup effective in weight loss.


How to take Bee Pollen Weight Loss Supplement

Bee pollen weight loss is one of the benefits that the supplement could give. A lot of body builders use bee pollen supplement because it contains a lot of nutrients that the body needs.

The supplement comes in different forms like solutions/ formulas like soap, shampoo, lotion, facial mask or cream for skin and hair; it also comes in powder to mix in water and juices so it could be part of everyday meal; it also comes in capsules and liquid.

Bee pollen has all the proteins that one needs in his body. If you are on a diet, you could include bee pollen weight loss supplement to protein rich foods. This has the right amount that the body needs.

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The herb’s benefits were discovered thousands of years ago in China and Egypt. Bee pollen is a male gamete that can be found in the stamen of flowers. Bees get all the nutrients from the plant as it secretes enzymes to the nectar. The supplement contains 35% protein, 55% carbohydrates, 3% minerals and vitamins, 2% fatty acids. The 8 essential enzymes are included. It also contains most of the vitamins like Vitamin A, C and D.

Here are some ways to include bee pollen weight loss in your diet:

First, consult the doctor the doctor first before buying a supplement. This kind of supplement is not exempted from side effects especially to those who have medical conditions and pregnant women.
Choose supplements that have GMP Compliance. This kind of certification in the supplement assures you that they are safe and pure. They undergone the standard purification.
Freeze dried supplements are much recommended than the heat processed ones. Heat processed supplements has degenerated quality because the nutrients are destroyed.
At first, try 1/8 tsp of powdered supplement in a container. If you are going to try it for the first time.
As you include it in your everyday meal, increase the amount until 1tbsp. Make it part of your meal and your diet.
The supplement is not only beneficial to weight loss but also to other health concerns like skin. It is a good treatment to skin diseases and makes the skin healthier. It could also contain healing properties that could treat cancer too.

Note: Don’t include the supplement in hot water or mixture because it might loss it nutritional value. Additional to the side effects mentioned above are head ache, allergies, coughing, wheezing, and vomiting.

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How long is Bee Pollen Shelf Life?

It is recommended to choose freeze dried bee pollen to preserve the nutritional value of the supplement. Heat processed supplements destroys the value of the nutrients. This is the reason why the supplement should be stored in the right temperature. Bee pollen shelf life is also important so you could maximize the product more.

Here are some points to remember in storing bee pollen supplement:

The supplement must be place in air tight containers. This will avoid contaminants and bacteria to enter inside the bottle.
Place it in dark, cool and dry area to avoid too much heat or hot temperature.
It could be placed in room temperature but bee pollen shelf life will only last for 6 months to one year.
It is recommended to place it in freezer or in cold temperature area to extend the shelf life to 2 years.
Remember that the shelf life would extend for years if you put it inside the fridge or freezer. This will preserve the substances of the supplement and prevent spoilage.
This is for supplements in powder, capsule and liquid form. It is also advisable to cream and tinctures. If you know that your supplement will just last for 6 months better to consume it right away before you experience terrible results from spoiled supplement.

Bee pollen has been known to its benefits thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt and China. Its healing substances were used by the ancient Greek doctors. It has nutrients that are beneficial to health. It has enzymes and protein that helps to stimulate the cells and tissues in the body. The supplement is also a good treatment for diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Other things that you need to know:

It is important to consult the doctor before purchasing the product because this supplement is not exempted from side effects. The supplement might react specially to those who has medical conditions and pregnant women. Though, this supplement is good for men, women and kids. Its side effects are allergies, wheezing, vomiting and fainting.

Check if the supplement as GMP (good manufacturing practice) Compliance. If the company has this certification it means that their products had undergone the standard procedure of purification process. They don’t have additives but purely substances of the herbs.

It is important to know the bee pollen shelf life because you might take the spoiled supplement.


Goldenseal Root

This is an all purpose herbal remedy which is native to North America, it is highly respected by the Indians. It thrives in deciduous woods and meadows, also closely related to the buttercup.

Effects of Goldenseal

Herbal Safety

Goldenseal is used for many things and it has many effects, traditionally it was used to treat inflamed or infected mucous membranes, normal stomach ache and to aid digestion, also acting as a laxative. These are just a few of its many benefits. However, in today’s world among all of the traditional benefits of goldenseal, it is used predominantly to boost the body’s immune system, aiding and helping to keep off infection. It is thought to increase the capacity of the possibility of fighting off germs, bacteria and viruses.

How does it Work?

This is still unknown but some scientist believed that the components which are active in the goldenseal root, these are known as alkaloids (commonly known as berberine and hydrastine), these give a boost to the cells that naturally fight off viruses in the body, these are the white blood cells.

Effects of Goldenseal

There are some possible negative effects of goldenseal and are not just limited to nausea and diarrhoea. If the plant is taken fresh, other than herbal supplement form, it can irritate mucous tissue and therefore may cause breathing problems.

This supplement should certainly not be taken permanently. Some believe that it should only be taken when you have a cold or flu, or any other such illness; others believe that a cycle should be made by taking it for a certain length of time and then retaking it after a gap of the same time period.

Any pregnant or mothers nursing should not take this supplement.

Also if you have a current health problem, such as diabetes, heart disease, or glaucoma, avoid this herb, blood pressure may be increase which is another side effect of this herb.

As usual with any supplement if you have any doubt as to the risks of taking a supplement, speak to a physician who can give you the best advice as an individual.

Helping Guide as to how to Choose your Goldenseal Root Supplement

• Choose a root supplement made from extracts that contain 8-10% alkaloids, or 5% hydrastine, these are the essential active and natural components.
• Always purchase supplements, which are produced from standardized herbal extracts. They are produced with the highest quality and potency; some supplement manufacturers do not use these as they cost more. This is why it is essential you purchase from an ethical and reputable companies, where integrity of their produce will come before a decent profit margin.

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Other Herbs of Interest

There are herbs with a similar function as the goldenseal which include Echinacea which is an immune booster taken to stave off viruses such as coughs and colds.

When you want to ensure better bone and joint health to prevent arthritis consider the natural anti-inflammatory from the waters of New Zealand, the green mussel.

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Pregnancy During Early Menopause

Early menopause begins with missed periods here and there. You may have some minimal bleeding or “spotting” between periods. Your symptoms could indicate more than one health condition. If you are experiencing any such symptoms, an examination by your physician will help to rule out health conditions other than early menopause, including pregnancy.

Symptoms of Early Menopause

Early menopause will cause irregular or missed periods. You may have tender breasts, fatigue, and low energy. You may have an increased need to urinate. Mood swings and hot flashes may also occur. You may become depressed or anxious.

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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting, as well as morning sickness can be experienced. You will also experience missed periods. You may have tender breasts and sore nipples. Fatigue and low energy may also occur. This is a time when food cravings or aversion to food may occur. Frequent urination and mood swings are noted to happen during pregnancy.

The green lipped mussel has been shown to improve women’s health.

Pregnancy During Early Menopause

Egg production continues until you reach full blown menopause, therefore it is technically possible to become pregnant. Missed periods as you can see are symptoms of both pregnancy and early menopause. Thus, the necessity for a physical examination to rule out pregnancy or any other health condition.

Treatments of Early Menopause

Early menopause is the time when a woman’s hormones are fluctuating and you get things like mood swings, missed periods, and other symptoms. Most if not all of these symptoms are linked to most probably the changing levels of your hormones. Hormone Replacement Therapy – HRT is most commonly used because it helps to balance out your hormones. This may actually make getting pregnant during this time easier.

Herbal supplements are also used and the best ones are highly tested, examining the metabolic path of the ingredients at the molecular level and the interaction of the ingredients. Standardized herbal extracts are used ensuring consistent dosing and quality from capsule to capsule. They should be made to pharmaceutical grade standards. They should not be added to your health regimen without consulting your physician because some herbs can affect the performance of prescription drugs you might be taking for other health concerns.


Symptoms such as missed periods or mood swings among others can indicate more than one “condition”. Since HRT levels off hormones during early menopause, it may also make pregnancy during early menopause easier. Keeping track of your symptoms and consultation with your physician is your best health asset during this time.

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Arthritis Certo Treatment

Arthritis Certo Treatment

Alternative remedies such as green mussels or arthritis Certo treatment are gaining a lot of popularity. Although no scientific evidence is available for indicating that Certo has the ability to treat arthritis, many people who have tried it swear by its effectiveness in alleviating arthritic pain.

What exactly is arthritis Certo treatment?
Certo is a liquid that contains pectin, citric acid, and potassium citrate. It is packed in a can and sold in most supermarkets, and is traditionally used to make jams and jellies. Today, it is sold as supplements in the form of powder, liquid, or capsules, and is quickly gaining popularity as a good alternative to drugs in alleviating arthritis. The powder and liquid varieties are usually mixed with juice, tea, or coffee, and drank daily. For most who have tried it, Certo seems to be safe and shows no known side effects when administered correctly (although mild indigestion and constipation has been reported by some).

Pectin’s role in arthritis Certo treatment
Pectin is a soluble fiber found in citrus, apples, and other fruits. It takes a gelatinous form when added to water, making it a popular thickening agent used in cooking and making jellies. When ingested, pectin acts as an antioxidant that helps maintain a healthy colonic mucosa. It also appears to delay glucose absorption and helps in the removal of cholesterol from the intestines.

How pectin helps in arthritis Certo treatment is not known, although some pain relieving properties are found in malic acid, which apples are known to contain. One pharmacist also speculated that the citric acid and potassium citrate found in pectin may be responsible for the effectiveness of Certo treatment.

Recipes for arthritis Certo treatment

Arthritis Certo treatment is a practical and affordable home remedy that can be enjoyed in a drink. A popular arthritis Certo treatment recipe includes: two teaspoons of liquid certo, mixed with 3 ounces of unsweetened grape juice. This concoction should be taken two or three times a day. After the joints has stopped stop aching, Certo can be cut back to one teaspoon, mixed with grape juice, and taken twice a day. An alternate recipe is to mix one tablespoon of Certo in 8 ounces of grape juice. Drink once daily.

Some reminders
TIP: Be aware that Certo supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration Board. Stay safe and choose Certo supplements produced by a manufacturer that strictly adheres to GMP standards. This compliance will assure you that the product is free of harmful add-on and contaminants.

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